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Paragon Globe contributed RM5 Million to road upgrade from Pontian to Johor Bahru Road

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Pekan Nanas, November 16, 2021 – Paragon Globe Berhad (“PGB”) contributed approximately RM5 million to road upgrading and construction next to its Flagship projects, Pekan Sentral and Pekan Nenas Industrial Park. The purpose of upgrading the road is to reduce the numbers of road accident in the accident-prone zone and ensuring the smooth and better control of the traffic flow to reduce traffic congestion. PGB successfully making a significant contribution to improve road safety and to boost the development of Pekan Nenas.

The upgrading road is alongside Pekan Sentral and Pekan Nenas Industrial Park, direction from Skudai to Pontian Highway which is the fastest and only route for all road users to travels between Johor Bahru and Pontian.

However, traffic congestion has significantly increased in the recent years due to the number of vehicles travel on the two-lane highway have been overloaded. A sharp bend on the road has also become an accident-prone zone with several incidents having recorded in the past and the road traffic safety has dramatically affected the road users and urban residents which were reported by various newspaper.

PGB spared no effort in trying to contribute ideas, money and efforts to actively and efficiently implement the upgrading and improvement works at its own costs in order to reduce the road accidents and improve the road safety for the road users and urban residents.

PGB has also built another 1 km new road, a one-way dual carriageway from Pontian to Johor Bahru. Therefore, the original two-lane highway has been converted to a dual carriageway.

The Pontian to Johor Bahru Road was officially opened on 8 November 2021, while the road from Johor Bahru to Pontian is still under road resurfacing works. The work is expected to be completed by December 2021.

The Executive Chairman of PGB – Dato’ Sri Edwin Tan Pei Seng commented on the road upgrading work that PGB is concerned about the safety of the road users and urban residents. The road upgrading works will solve the problem of road safety and traffic congestion once and for all besides to provide safety and convenient to all the road users and urban residents.

“The road upgrading works have been delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of Movement Control Order. However, PGB has now completed the construction of 1km highway road from Pontian to Johor Bahru, including two U-turn, from Shell Petrol Station to Caltex Petrol Station,” he added.

Dato’ Seri Edwin Tan Pei Seng, Executive Chairman of PGB, said the Group is optimistic about the future development in Pekan Nenas. The Group is committed to develop and expand through its Flagship Projects, namely “Pekan Sentral” and “Pekan Nenas Industrial Park”. He believes the Projects will increase the employability with creation of job opportunities for the local communities and the overall economic impact will be enjoyed by the people of Pontian.

“Pekan Sentral is strategically located next to the main highway from Skudai to Pontian Highway and is also easily accessible via several major highways such as North South Expressway and Coastal Highway. We are confident that when these road upgrade works are fully completed, it will definitely bring the greater convenience and safety to all road users and urban residents.”

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