The aim of this Policy is to establish the philosophies of Paragon Globe Berhad (“PGB”) to maintain a Board with diversified directors.

Principle and Objective

  • According to the introduction on Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance, the Board has established a policy on its approach to board diversification. The Nomination Committee (“Committee”) will take the responsibilities to form the measurable objectives and ensure that the target sets have been met with the appropriate measures.
  • Board diversification is crucial as this will contribute to a well-functioned board and sustainable growth within the Company. With diversified opinions contributed by the Board, it will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in making decisions as all points of view have been taken into consideration during discussion and ensure the business risks faced during organizational changes have been mitigated.
  • The objective of this Board Diversity Policy is to ensure that the Company is led by a Board which has wide-ranging of view including skills, experience, age, culture and backgrounds. These differences will help to balance the Board and increase the Company competitive advantage.
  • The Committee is required to disclose the Board Diversity Policy in the annual report including the appropriate procedure and the progress of the diversification.


The Board shall consist of qualified individuals with diverse professional experience, business experience, skills, knowledge, gender, age, ethnicity and educational background.


  • The Board acknowledges the importance of having Executive, Non-executive Directors and Independent Non-Executive Directors on Board to ensure the independence in the Board.

Skills and Experience

  • The Board shall include a balanced composition of directors with different skills and experience such as finance, legal, management, tax that will make good use of their qualifications to improve the business performance of the Company.


  • With the highly recommendation to have at least 30% women directors on Board, the Board has taken appropriate measures to attract women participation on the Board.


  • The Board recognizes that with diversity in terms of age would create a dynamic and healthy environment that filled with experienced professions as well as enthusiasm youth.

Measurable Objectives

Gender diversity

  • As the Malaysia Code of Corporate Governance 2017 issued by the Securities Commission has strongly recommended having at least 30% women directors on Board for non-large companies, PGB will strive towards the target to have female directors on
    Board when the opportunity arises.
  • PGB is working towards to maintain an environment regardless of their gender and the appointment of women directors will based on their skills, knowledge and experience where the requirements shall be equal to other directors regardless of the gender.

Age diversity

  • The Board of PGB does not set any specific target for age diversity but will actively work towards to maintain appropriate age diversity on Board. The Board is promoting age diversity to ensure that directors with different age will be able to contribute to the Board in steering the Company.

Ethnic diversity

  • The Board of PGB does not set any specific target for ethnic diversity but will actively work towards to maintain appropriate ethnic diversity on Board.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • The Committee is responsible for developing a policy formalizing the methodology on diversity obligations. The Committee will take initiative to achieve the Measureable Objectives while updating the Board on the progress. The Measurable Objectives will be reviewed when necessary and the Committee will make recommendations to the Board when needed.
  • The Committee will ensure that the appropriate disclosures including the measurable objectives set for implementing the Board Diversity Policy has been clearly reported in the Annual Report.


  • Any revisions that may be required shall be discussed and recommended by the Committee to the Board and such revisions shall subject to the approved by the Board from time to time.